Seriously Quirky Welcomes a Guest

Good Afternoon, Seriously Quirky Readers. 

Today, Seriously Quirky is pleased to welcome its first guest blogger, Charlotte (last name withheld). Earlier this month, Seriously Quirky introduced Charlotte to our readers with a sketch of her looking freshy fresh, sporting a lovely tiara and all spruced up with fresh makeup, including her signature fire engine red lips. But in the spirit of Seriously Quirky, Charlotte has agreed to let her guard down. She’ll be sharing her true self and promises to be transparent, open, and genuine in her guest blogs. She’ll be opening up to readers about her life, habits, hopes, and dreams. And yes, sharing all her health and bee-auty tips!   And so, without further ado, please enjoy Charlotte’s first guest advice column, Too Much Candy

Too Much Candy, by Charlotte

Hello Seriously Quirky Readers! I’m thrilled to be contributing here on Seriously Quirky and I’m coming right out of the gate with some terrific holiday advice. Take it from me, Don’t Eat Too Much Candy! 

Oh, that’s right! You read that right. Now, I love Halloween as much as the next honeybee – as my name would imply – but trust me on this – you do not want to get carried away. As much as it pains me to say it, you really can get too much of a good thing – even when that good thing is sweets and candy. If you’re brave enough, read on…

Well, what started out as a fabulous evening quickly turned into a long, rough night. Day before yesterday I got a buzz from my friend, Stuart, inviting me to join him for the annual Black ‘n’ Yellow Ball down at this jammin’ haunted hive called the PolliNation. I jumped at the chance! I mean, I’ve heard about these events: honeycomb building contests, everybody on the fly, honey everywhere – count me in, right?!

Flash forward, it’s just dusk – I’m in my brand-spankin’-new Witchy Bee costume; it’s straining at the waist and if I’m honest, I don’t remember what happened after we saw the candy. The party had hardly even started, and I’d gone berserk. And poor Stuart! He ate so much so fast that at one point, he got stuck in a honeycomb and seriously? I didn’t think I had the strength to pull him out! 

Long story short, we missed the party! No honeycomb building, no buzzin’ around with the Royal Yellows (more on them in another blog). We had to head for the hive. 

It takes all my nerve and most of my pride to share a photo with y’all, but I’ve attached one here – I’m doing it for you, Dear Reader! I hope it saves you from a similar fate. Remember, Halloween is more than just candy! Enjoy the games, the spooky stories, the firepit. Skip the pumpkin full of candy. If you don’t, trust me, it stings. 

Love, Charlotte

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