So, This Girl Walks Into a Bar…

What’s that old expression: God laughs while we plan?

A little over four years ago my right eye went haywire on me. The details aren’t important, but suffice to say, I had not known it was on my schedule. 

Flash forward four years and a few months. I’m already in and out of my regular doctor’s office trying to figure out why I’m having strange episodes of fatigue when my left eye decides it’s tired of doing all the work and goes kerflooey on me too. 

Avoiding corrective surgery was no longer an option. A girl does need at least one eye, if she can get it. 

Last week the doctor declared my procedure a complete success and cleared me for “all regular activities.” He said I could drive my car. It hadn’t been started in over a month. I went straight to Marshall’s, then Target, then Trader Joe’s, then Costco. I bought more crap than we could want or use in a year. We didn’t need anything, but when they ground you and tell you that you can’t go – you’re not allowed to go, shop, workout, walk…well, you’ll go anywhere and buy anything. 

But the last time I remember truly having a clear grasp of what I was doing with my life was somewhere around Halloween. It’s difficult to read or write when you can’t see. From time to time, I squinted through and checked in on social media, wrote a quick blog or tried to see the news, but for the most part, I was basically absent. 

So, I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving. 

And in case I didn’t say it, Happy Holidays! And Happy, Happy New Year. 

I’m getting 2022 off to a bit of a slow start, and I’ve once again, been reminded that I’m not really in charge here. I keep buying calendars and downloading organizing apps, but the best laid plans of mice and women often go awry. 

But I am back. I’m here. 

Happy 2022. I’ve got a lot to catch up on. Here goes. 


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