Today is Monday, my favorite day of the week. Every seven days I get a chance to get it right again, to try again. I like fresh starts. Maybe because I need a lot of them.

It’s mid-November. The weather is crisp, and it’s a bright, sunny day. 

I slept well last night, and I don’t have any major obstacles chopping up my week, making me wish my life away (i.e., doctor’s appointments, home repair problems, etc.). 

This is a good Monday. 

And I know I’m not alone in my need to “turn over new leaves,” or “close a door” for a new one to open. Our cycles keep us sane (some of us). And they give us endless do-overs. And most of us need them. 

On September 15, 2022, the leader of the World Health Organization declared deaths at their lowest rate since the beginning of the Covid pandemic of 2020, signaling that the end of the pandemic was at hand. There’s been some disagreement over the exact date, but mid-September is close enough. 

Of course, life is never quite so clearcut. The challenges keep coming and just when you try to get a new start going, things like mid-term elections come along. 

I had a few hiccups of my own. And they came when my need for a do-over had been escalating for two years of Covid. 

That’s the way hiccups do. 

But I think – dare I say it – that the long wait is over. 

We’ve had 45 Mondays so far this year. This one, I think, will be my best one so far. And I say that, because…two radio stations are playing Christmas music; traffic is terrible, stores are crowded and the line in Marshall’s is already 25 deep. 

This year – for the first time since 2020 – we can annoy each other in person. We will have a collective, public Christmas. Finally, reservations will be required for holiday luncheons. 

For me, a new door has finally opened. 

I’ve been moving toward the door for a while, but it took a while to get here. About this time last year I re-joined the Charlotte Art League. By March I was in my new studio space. I’ve spent the last six plus months ironing out hiccups and learning in my new creative space. I am now Seriously Quirky art and blogging. I’m telling my story and creating using a keyboard, paint, canvas and perhaps, some future digital image work. 

It’s good to be here and to be communicating. 

Happy Holidays 2022 from Seriously Quirky. 

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