Life on Raleigh Street


I’ve been busy.

A few months ago, I blogged about moving on from Covid isolation (with precautions!). And to that end, I’ve continued to re-establish connections, make new connections, be out and about and take action.

I’ve been arting and blogging and…working.

Last year saw Seriously Quirky moving into a new space at Charlotte Art League. And there’s so much more to this space – this fabulous space – than just what we all do there.

It’s the space.

It’s the location.

It’s the experience of watching a community become.

There’s no better place to do that than Charlotte, NC!

I feel like a trailblazer! A pioneer! A true Urbanite! (Yeah, I capitalized that!)

Me, personally, I think building the light rail was one of Charlotte’s Best. Decisions. EVER.

Hop on the light rail and jump off at the Sugar Creek Station and there you are…Raleigh Street, Charlotte, NC.

Here you’ll find the beginnings of a new neighborhood, a new community, a new vibe, all its own.

Like so many growing cities, the new neighborhoods develop and overtake former industrial areas. On Raleigh Street, you’ll find the remnants of an industrial street. You’ll still see some concrete mixers, a handful of construction trailers.

But mostly…you’ll see “Coming Soon” signs. “Townhomes from the low $400s!,” reads one. “Coming in Early 2023,” says another.

Condos, townhomes, apartments, retail. And in the middle of it…

Welcome to Charlotte Art League, 4237 Raleigh St, Charlotte, NC 28213.

The name of our building is actually the Trailhead Arts Building. Inside and out, this building is already a universe of its own. We house the Independent Picture House, a digital arts incubator, a cycle studio, podcasting space and creative co-working space. The Charlotte Art League (CAL) has event space, meeting and conference space, an outdoor event space, outdoor entertainment venue and yeah, frequent food trucks.

CAL is already such a beehive of activity that I’m hard pressed to keep up with the calendar.

I love being creative. I love my blog; I love my artwork. And I also love being a Charlottean.

Oh, have I mentioned, I that when I’m not writing and painting, I’m a fabulously informed, cutting edge, real estate agent?


And boy, do I have a tip for you – Raleigh Street, Raleigh Street, Raleigh Street. Park the car semi-permanently. Get in on the next big thing at a truly affordable price on property which stands to escalate in value, keeping pace with the fantastic new development in this burgeoning community of artists, creatives, writers, and urbanites.

I’ll be in my space at CAL, doing art, writing blogs, studying the market. Stop by, call, email. Let me tell you about a community that I am truly excited to show you.

Kelli Horne: Artist, Writer, Charlottean, Urban Pioneer, Realtor.

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