Take a look at the picture I’ve posted here – I snapped it, uploaded it, posted it…took me maybe 90 seconds. In the photo I’m sitting at my art table wearing one of my favorite hand-me-down shirts from my husband Jim. It’s big and I use it as an art smock over my clothes while I paint. The more I wear it, the more it gets splattered with colors – and the more I love it. 

There’s no professional photographer here. And you won’t find a staff directory either. I’m the artist, the blogger, the photographer, the designer. 

More than anything I’m the storyteller – with paints, with decor, and with words. Some of what you’ll find here is quirky, some of it kitschy, some serious, some lite.

And like the content here, my interests are eclectic. You’ll find acrylic paintings, upcycled furniture, refinished home decor and a few sketches of characters I’ve created. Oh, and the occasional blog.

S. Quirky

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