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What’s Planned Here:

Not going to dwell too long on the negative here, but…a friend of mine’s dog died recently. The dog was tiny, less than 11 pounds, I think. She was absolutely devastated. It’s been over a year and I know she still mourns that little dog. It got me to thinking about each life – they’re all enormous. Every single life, all of them – Huge. I’m surrounded by so called “ordinary” people living “ordinary” lives.

But there’s no such thing.

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During the pandemic I became fascinated by It’s a fascinating website that tracks world statistics in real time. I tracked the daily infections and deaths from Corona-19 on a daily, sometimes, hourly basis.

But has been around since long before 2020 and they track a lot more than the Coronavirus. According to their website, “Worldometer was voted as one of the best free reference websites by the American Library Association(ALA), the oldest and largest library association in the world.” Check them out here

As I write this lists the current world population at 7,840,097,940 – but it’s a ticker and it’s moving constantly. Now that I’ve completed that sentence the ticker shows 7,840,098.177. It shockingly lists births and deaths in real time as well.

Everyone of those lives will be huge. Every success, every failure. It’s staggering to think about all the stories that are being lived around the world every moment.

People and their stories have always fascinated me. I’d like to share some of these ordinary stories here. And as I write this I wonder what amazing lives are being lived all around me. If I could just chronicle a few of them…

Of course, right now, I’m building a website, so I’ll have to get back to this, but it is SO on my list. In the meantime, if you’ve found this page and read this far, well…do you know someone you think should be profiled here, drop me a note – I’ll be in touch.