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My Name Is Kelli

December 5, 2021 And so, I begin…  Wow…it’s a month later – how’s that for an auspicious start? Let’s try this again. I call my blog Seriously Quirky.  My name… Read more My Name Is Kelli

Smartie Pants WannaBe

An Essay Smartie Pants WannaBe I got pegged as a Smartie Pants early on. I got glasses in the 4th grade and I was already a skinny, knock-kneed kid. Couple the “look” with – I admit it – a natural bookishness and Wallah! I’ve been that smart girl ever since. But here’s the thing – my test scores don’t bear it out. I certainly have a stereotypical studious look, but people confuse intellectual curiosity with ability. Here I am, out of the closet: I’m average. I didn’t tell anyone for… Read more Smartie Pants WannaBe