Solid wood pedestal table refurbished using Minwax green water-based, semi-transparent Wood Stain. Using a sanding patterned that allows the original look/color of the table to blend with the new green hues gives this piece rich, deep hues and a unique, upscale finish. Minwax polyurethane to finish.  AVAILABLE.

This upcycled antique dresser is finished in Oasis Blue Minwax stain. Two different pulls are pictured; either are available. AVAILABLE.

Gorgeous upcycle on this 5-drawer wood dresser. Refurbished with Minwax Antique Jade wood stain and completed with brass pulls and two glass crystal gold handle knobs. AVAILABLE.

Adorable upcycled wooden tray with checked yellow over distressed green with cream. AVAILABLE.

I’m SO proud of this upcycled solid wood chest. Painted with checkered red and off white pattern, then distressed. Completed with high gloss polyurethane. Finished off with a fun pink interior. AVAILABLE.

Such a fun piece!! AND a great, sturdy, functional bench. This drop leaf bench expands to provide a large surface for seating or open display. Refurbished in a yellow and blue checkered pattern and then distressed. Completed with polyurethane. This one has our hearts (hehehe)! AVAILABLE.

These little wooden boxes are affordable, adorable, and yeah, AVAILABLE! Finished in check or diamond patterns, distressed and finished with polyurethane, they make a great, handmade, original treat by themselves or really add something special when used to contain that other little special something!

Great fall candleholders. Painted, distressed then polyurethaned. Come see them and all the other great art Charlotte Art League has to offer!

More fun candleholders for a great Halloween and a wonderful fall! Imagine the pumpkin spice smells!

If you think that rectangle looks like a brick, well, you’re right! Some people see a brick we see a doorstop. Oh, and those other items with the circles (we call them bubbles) are cute little candle holders. All affordable, original and AVAILABLE.

COME TO THE CHARLOTTE ART LEAGUE. HAVE A GREAT TIME. SEE GREAT CREATIVE WORK and shop like an original. 4237 Raleigh Street, Charlotte, NC 28213 (right beside Charlotte’s one and only Independent Picture House – so you could get popcorn too!)